Kastha World is the first interior hub in Nepal to provide all indoor essentials under the same roof. We provide products and services crucial for a well-designed home, office, and any other infrastructures.

At its inception, “Kastha”, meaning wood, Kastha World was conceived as an interior shop specializing in wooden furniture. However, after studying the market further, it was obvious to us that people could save much time, effort, and money if all the essential interior goods were made available in one place. We found uncertainty about the quality and cost of the products when selection is outsourced to a contractor. Having to deal with multiple vendors not only is a nuisance but also increases the risk of dissatisfaction  with the end result after everything is bought and set up based on speculation.

We were thus tempted to provide a comprehensive and sustainable interior essential and the designing services under one roof which will preserve the thrill of planning a new adventure while relieving the stress that comes with it.

We are more of a Kastha and World rather than just Kastha World.

Why trust us?

 Don’t trust our words, trust what you see. We are the only interior hub with visible demonstration site. Just visit us to experience a modular office, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and a functioning café.

Our goal is to make all interior essentials available in one place so that our clients can see and feel the product before making any purchase decision.

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